Review Request

If you’re a manufacturer or dealer of hardware and you would like us to review one of your products on our site, do feel free to send an email to  xtremetechjunkies (at) Gmail dot com for further discussion. All products we review, will be kept by us once the review is completed.

In all of our reviews we display clearly who supplies the product for review in each page of the article, so whether you are a manufacturer or a store, you will get very visible credit right on the reviews! Our reviews are read by hundreds of enthusiasts, overclockers, computer hobbyists and even regular Joe’s or first time users interested in buying hardware.

Sending a product does not guarantee a positive review. All reviews are conducted on a true and fair basis and we will publish what conclusions we reach. Nothing ‘persuades’ our decision on a product besides the product itself., its reviewers, and its senior staff will not be held responsible for hardware sent to us that is damaged or broken during the review process.

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