Review Policy

The goal of Xtreme Tech Junkies is to provide the highest quality, unbiased, independent technology reviews for our website audience. All of our product reviews are based off of real world findings as consumers, not sponsored employees of 3rd party companies. Under no circumstances will we change the outcome of our review due to manufacturer request; however, we may adjust reviews if errors or anomalys are found in the review. If a new revision of a product is released after we’ve published our review, feel free to contact us and we will make a note on the review itself noting that a new revision has been released.

Xtreme Tech Junkies reserves the right to refuse any product reviews. While we do our best to review all products we feel fit for our audience, we may refuse to review products we deem not in the scope of our expertise or if we believe we do not have the proper resources or equipment for a comprehensive review of the product in a reasonable time frame.

Products sent to Xtreme Tech Junkies for review is property its respective manufacturer and will remain so until the completion of the review. At the conclusion of the review, we will make an effort to contact manufacturers, distributors, and pr staff to arrange a return of the product. If a product isn’t requested back or a response isn’t received within a reasonable time frame, the product may be used for our long term testing, sold, or given away.

All of our writing staff strictly adhere to NDA (non-disclosure agreements) and embargo agreements.

Awards System

All of our product reviews will be based off of reasonable expectation. All conclusions will be based off of what a product is advertised to do and what other manufacturers in the industry have done. For example, we would never give a product an unfavorable review because we think a product should’ve included a feature that no other product has as this would be unreasonable.

What do Xtreme Tech Junkies Awards mean?

Our Editor’s Choice Award is given to the top products, very few products receive this award unless they are exemplary. If a product receives this award the reviewer has stamped his seal of recommendation on the product.


Our Xtreme Award is reserved for products which are undoubtedly the best in their category they have barely any flaws and cons, offer top notch performance, quality and features.


 Our Great Award is awarded to product that perform very well and have very few cons.


Our Best Value Award is awarded to companies who managed to produce a product which offers incredible levels of value for money based on the street price.


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