GELID Solutions ICY VISION GPU Cooler Review


GELID Solution launched their latest GPU cooler called the ICY Vision. The GPU cooler is aimed directly at the latest graphics processors from ATI and NVidia. And, since the latest GPUs produce a lot of heat, I anxious to give it a shot.

Provided By: GELID Solutions

Price: $55

Closer Look:

The ICY Vision comes in a small transparent plastic box, which enables interested parties to view the sink before you purchase it, knowing well what they are buying without having to open the package. Gelid put a number of  information on the packaging, including some tests done , using an Nvidia GeForce GTX480.


The Icy Vision weighs in at 465g and has twin 92mm UV reactive fans. The fans push 67.214CFM at 2000 RPM and humming along at a quiet 26dBA.


Besides the ICY Vision cooler itself, there’s plenty of tiny little thermal pads, thermal tape, and screws that are to be used to install the cooler. Also included are many aluminum heat sinks. There are sinks for the video ram, MOSFETs, secondary ICs (ATI cards). Basically, there’s a heat sink for every and any component that can get hot. Thermal tape is provided to allow you to stick these wherever you need to beat the heat.


GELID Solutions use two individual fin arrays to help keep our GPU cool and also uses a total of five 6mm heatpipes to suck heat away from the GPU core. Three of these heatpipes go to front side of the fin array. Two more heatpipes make their way to the rearward fin array.



  • 5 High Performance Power Heatpipes
  • Premium Aluminum Fins & Pure Copper Base
  • 2 x 92mm S-Shape Fans for 20% additional Air Flow
  • Ball Bearing for Long Life Time
  • CrossFire & SLI Compatible


  • Air Flow (CFM/CMH):67.14 / 114.13
  • Bearing:1 Ball & 1 Sleeve
  • Cable Length (mm):200
  • Current (A):0.5 (0.25 / fan)
  • DC Voltage (V):12
  • Fan Speed (RPM):2000 (+/- 10%)
  • Fan:2 x 9215 S-Shape UV Blue Fan
  • Heatsink Dimensions (mm):216 L x 95 W x 52 H
  • Life Time MTTF at 40C (h):50’000
  • Noise Level (dBA):max. 26
  • Static Pressure (mmAq):1.3
  • Warranty (years):5
  • Weight (g):465


GELID Solution’s Icy Vision is a great VGA heatsink equipped with a pair of quality full-sized 92 mm fans and 5 heatpipes, a sizable fin mass, and a great installation scheme, it’s not difficult to explain its performance.

Acoustically, the fans are pretty good, sounding very smooth, particularly at lower speeds and when muffled behind the side panel of a decent case. They can be controlled via software as the cable can be plugged into the same header as the stockcooling fan or powered externally via the included 3-pin/4-pin molex adapter. The memory and VRM heatsinks are adequate, and moreover the Icy Vision is one of the few GPU coolers on the market with a proper one-piece VRM heatsink for cards like the HD 4890 and HD 5850.

The Icy Vision is a great alternative to water cooling, fifty dollars is a whole lot cheaper than the two hundred plus dollars that it would take to get a system under water.

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