Cooler Master SF-19 Strike Force Notebook Cooler Review


As more and more people switch to laptops as their primary (or only computer), more and more games are being played on them. Since laptop chassis are often cramped, heat can become a major issue whenever hardware is pushed to the limit, which is often the case in gaming. To combat this, you can get a laptop cooler which is a device that helps move air around the outside of the laptop chassis by allowing the laptop to sit at an angle and by providing positive airflow by means of fans.

The CM Storm SF-19 Strike Force from Cooler Master is one of the newest laptop coolers and it looks very promising. With almost everything on it being customizable, as well as support for 19″ laptops and a USB hub, it might make the perfect laptop cooler for gaming.

Provided By: Cooler Master

Price: $79.99

Closer Look:

Cooler Master’s Storm SF-19 comes packaged in a large, attractive black box with red, white and silver accents, topped off with an easy carrying handle. The front of the SF-19 packaging has a large, clear photo of the SF-19 itself. The CM Storm logo is present, along with only three key features of the Storm SF-19.


Moving to the back of the box, there is another clear photo of the Storm SF-19, along with detailed specifications. The top of the Cooler Master Storm SF-19 box is held down by two small Velcro patches. Opening the top reveals a windowed panel for a partial view of the SF-19. The opposing side of the box top shows eight photos of the SF-19 detailing key features, along with concise descriptions of each feature benefit.


The first thing that hits you about the Storm SF-19 is the size. There is absolutely no doubting that a 19″ notebook will sit easily. The top of the Storm SF-19 Strike force is carved black mesh surrounded by ABS plastic with four rubber anti-slip grips, the top one with “CM STORM” embossed. The two 140mm fans are clearly visible through the mesh. The top rubber actually forms to a carrying handle at the top. Given its robust size, this is definitely a plus. The Storm SF-19 is angled to put the computer at a better typing angle. The right side of the Storm SF-19 features four USB 3.0 ports, a Mini-B for USB hookup to the computer, and a power input. On the left side we find a continuously variable fan speed dial, and silver LED controls for on/off and color selection.


Turning the Cooler Master Storm SF-19 over reveals a mesh rectangle which the fans mount to. The entire rectangle is easily removable by compressing two clips at the top and swinging it open. The factory installed fans are meaty and look capable of moving serious amounts of air. The housing of the SF-19 is hollow through to the mesh top. The SF-19 has four fan connectors for greater flexibility, allowing you to update your configuration as you see fit. Anti-slip rubber feet act as contact points for the base. Conspicuously missing is any shaping to make the Storm SF-19 lap friendly.


Included with the Storm SF-19 is everything you need for operation – a USB 3.0 to Mini-B cable, AC power supply and a simple instruction manual. The included cables are of very good quality and heavy duty. The supplied AC adapter is made for international use, and can change voltage and socket simply by changing the snap in outlet adapter. The 115v US adapter is included.


Features & Specifications:

MaterialReinforced Anti-slip Rubber/ABS Plastic/Enhanced Mesh Structure
Weight198kgs (4.37lb)
Dimension500x340x75 mm (19.68”x13.38”x2.95”)
Fan Dimension140x140x25 mm
Fan Life25,000 hours
Fan Speed1200-2600 RPM
CompatibilityUp to 19” Laptop
USB PortAdvanced USB 3.0 x 4Micro-B x1 (for power in)
ControllerStepless Fan Speed ControllerColor Switchable LED LightLED On/Off Switch
Operation Degree7.5 Degree
PowerDC 12v/2.5A Adapter

1. Colossal Cooling Surface

The SF-19 is constructed with an enormous heat-dissipating surface that is made to endure high temperatures from all notebooks sizes. It is a state-of-the-art notebook cooler for all 19″ gaming notebooks and beyond.

2. Reinforced Mesh Surface

Its cold-forged polygon mesh surface allows maximum air flow from two high velocity fans and is structured to efficiently normalize thermal formations which effectively cools and alleviates tough thermal build-up spots.

3. Swift Carrying Handle

Built for mobility, the SF-19’s swift-carrying handle is built with an intuitive design that is backed by sturdy construction. It’s made for quick LAN-party relocation

4. 4 USB 3.0 Ports

4 advanced UBS 3.0 ports – supports next generation gaming notebooks. (Strike Force model only)

5. Anti-Slip Rubber Cable Slot

Reinforced with premium anti-slip grips, the SF-19 safely secures all notebooks in place even when under stress from rigorous gaming. The rubberized areas also protect the SF-19 from damage by adding shock absorption to protect the hardware while in transit. In addition to the anti-slip features, it also acts as a cable management system

6. Multi-Light Shader

Multi-light Shader™ displays 7 changeable LED colors that can be personalized with a breathing effect. It creates the ultimate ambience for your favorite gaming rig.


The Cooler Master Storm SF-19 Strike force is a great piece. The Storm SF-19 is designed for gaming laptops, and big gaming laptops, specifically. It has a handle, but this is not something you are going to be carrying to the office with you every day to keep your 14.1” cool and make the typing angle more comfortable..

The Cooler Master Storm SF-19 Strike force is a big, powerful, laptop cooler made to be used on a desk (it can’t run without AC, and has no ergonomics to sit in your lap) to cool down a big powerful notebook (and add a cool little glow if you like). If you happen to own one of those, the Cooler Master Storm SF-19 Strike force is an item you won’t want to be without. For the daily commuter with a 14-15”…..well, it just wasn’t designed for you. That’s why they called it a “Strike force” and not a “Workforce.”

For the desktop replacement and gaming laptop crowd, the Cooler Master Storm SF-19 Strike force is a clear winner, with excellent cooling and powered USB 3.0 hub. For the rest of us, lack of creature comforts and portability are a minus.

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