CM Storm Skorpion Review


Cooler Master, well more specifically the CM Storm line has delivered the Skorpion mouse bungee system for us to have a look. I for one really don’t know what to expect up front, as I have never used such a device, but the Skorpion, just looking at it, I like the design and would have no issues with it on my desk.

Let’s see if the Skorpion delivers on what is supposed to do and see if the features and the Skorpion are worth purchasing to help keep you mouse on point in the heat of a battle.

Provided By: Cooler Master

Price: $19.99

Closer Look:

The CM Storm Skorpion arrived in a sleek black box with red accents, continuing the Cooler Master Storm theme we’ve been accustomed to seeing.  The box also lists some basic information but there’s not much to say after all, its function is simple and quite clear.


Fresh out of the box you can now see why they call it the Skorpion, while only three legged it does resemble a scorpion with the tail as the bungee system. The CM Storm logo in the center is a very nice touch to what would otherwise be a very mechanical and very black plain looking device.


The flexible arm of the Skorpion has two trails in it for wiring. For mice with thicker cords, like the Recon, you set the cable all the way into the round portion of the trails. For thinner wires, you can slide them just into the top, and the two edges will hold the wire securely in place


On the black of the Skorpion, There are super-grip feet, and I will say this is a soft rubber that had no issues getting a secure footing on the top of my photo table I took these images on.


Features & Specifications:

Weighted Base For Stability

Active Flex Rubber Mouse Cord Arm

Adaptive Grip Grooves For Thing And Thick Mouse Cords

Durable Legs With Anti-Shift Feet

Heavy Iron Core For Extreme Stability Maximum Portability


Honestly, there wasn’t much to say when it comes to the CM Storm Skorpion. CM Storm set out to make an aesthetically pleasing, and functional mouse bungee to which they succeeded.

The Skorpion looks cool; it’s inexpensive ($20), and most importantly does its job well.

The Cooler Master CM Storm Skorpion receive the Xtreme Tech Junkie’s Best Value Award!


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