Choiix PowerFort C-2010-W1S0 Review

As mobile devices have become more power hungry it’s hard to keep them charged while on the go. Nowadays, people have multiple mobile devices such as, MP3 players, smartphones, and handheld game consoles. Reliance on these devices to get your work done, stay connected, and be entertained is greater than ever. Choiix a division of Coolermaster has released the Power Fort Standard and the PowerFort Advance. Each provides up to ten hours of additional portable power and can be recharged several hundred times. The only difference is the Advance model comes with foreign travel adapters and a DC plug in the packaging.

Provided By: Cooler Master

Price: $44.99

Closer Look:

The Power Fort is packaged in a clear plastic box. Inside you can see both the power fort and a 2nd box with all of the information. All of the information is around back including specifications, features, and a list of the package contents. Inside the box, they have hidden a felt pouch for the power fort and a collection of accessories. Along with the pouch, they have two USB cables one for charging the power fort and one to charge a accessory.



Power Capacity 2700mAh 10Whrs
Input: DC 5V/ 1A
output : DC 5V/ 1A
Battery Type: Lithium-polymer (Made in Taiwan)
Recharging Time: 3 – 4 hours
Dimensions: 11 * 6.4 * 1.2 CM (4.3 * 2.5 * 0.5 inch)
Weight: 102g (3.6 Oz)
 Slim curve design and light weight.Special bypass circuit design prevents the battery from the damage.Powerful 1A charges 30% faster than normal USB power.Built-in LED flashlight for emergency.Battery life LED indicators.Up to 500 recharge times with 85% capacity remaining.Quick recharge less than 3.5 hours.Full protections built-in to avoid battery damage.Ultra low self-discharge battery cell function.


To get started on my testing I had to charge the Power Fort up before I could get started. To make sure it had a full charge I let it charge overnight (total charge time is said to be 3.5 hours to a full charge).

The next morning I found myself sitting with a dead phone battery and the Power Fort with a full charge. Plugging the Power Fort in was easy, and because it comes with a cable for micro-USB, most new phones will work with it, including my Droid Incredible. Right away my phone recognized that it was plugged in and I let it sit and charge. I came back to it later to find my phone fully charged and ready to go. Choiix’s documents say that you can expect around two and a half charges for your smart phone, two DS or PSP charges, four Mp3 player charges, and six Bluetooth earpieces charges. Even with just one charge the Power Fort is helpful. In my testing I was able to get two full charges, barely. It will depend each time on the device you are using; I wasn’t surprised to see that my power hungry phone fell under the average.



The Choiix PowerFort is a great little charger for those that are always out and about. It is nice to know that you have a way to charge your personal devices if you are a way from an AC receptacle. When I first got my new mobile phone the battery life was total garbage. You get a new phone and you want to play with all the different features and soon after the battery indicator is on the last bar.  A device like the PowerFort can remedy that.

The ability to charge almost anything that can be charged through the USB port, the PowerFort could be a godsend for many. All it takes is a short three to four hours to full charge the PowerFort. And in turn you get a whole day worth of not having to worry about not having enough battery life to get you through the day.

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