Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 CPU Cooler Review


Today I’m testing the Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 it features a two tower heatsink with four heatpipes and a 120mm fan.

Provided By: Arctic Cooling

Price: $47.99

Closer Look:

The Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 comes in a clear plastic container. The front end shows the Freezer Xtreme’s compatibility, as well as its 6 year warranty. The rear of the container has a few charts showcasing its cooling capability, as well as its sound output, compared to an Intel stock fan. There is also a list of the features. The package isn’t sealed like most plastic containers and opens easily.


The Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 comes with Intel and AMD application accessories. For Intel applications, they included a black plastic bracket that mounts the motherboard with screws and tension clips. For AMD applications, there are two side clips. There is also a user manual and a AC sticker.


The Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 heatsink has a tall twin tower design. The 120mm fan has been positioned in the center of each of the towers, with an Arctic Cooling Xtreme branding around the holder. The Freezer Xtreme stands at about 130mm in height and has 4 heatpipes on each side. Each tower consists of 51 fins, which combined total 102 fins. On the top, each of the copper pipe ends are staggered in height.


Underneath, on the copper block, Arctic Cooling included a generous portion of their MX-2 thermal paste. Each side of the block has 4 of the copper heatpipes curve and bend upwards through the aluminum fins. There are also 2 metal brackets that are attached to the copper block. These brackets are used to secure the heatsink to the clips for either the Intel or AMD application.


The 120mm fan has to be removed in order to install the heatsink to the motherboard. Removing the fan is done by 2 clips on the side and then gently pulling it out from the top. The fan is PWM and has a 800-1500 RPM range.  Arctic Cooling used a proprietary fan design. It’s equipped with low noise impeller and patented fan holder for quiet operation. However, if it were to die on you, there is no easy replacement.


Features & Specifications:


Heatsink130L x 100W x 131H mm
Fan120mm x 1
Fan Speed800 -1500 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
Air Flow35.7CFM / 60.7 m3/h
Maximum Cooling Capacity160 Watts
PatentsDE 20307981, US 7101149
Warranty6 year


  • Unmatched cooling performance – 160 Watts
  • Unique twin tower 102-fin heat sink design
  • Effective heat dissipation via 4 double-sided heatpipes
  • 1 ultra quiet 120mm PWM fan
  • Patented fan holder eliminates the buzzing sounds
  • Voltage regulators and north bridge cooling
  • Pre-applied MX-2
  • 6 Years Warranty


If you’re upgrading or purchasing a CPU cooler based on silence, then I’d definitely say the Arctic Cooling Freezer is a good bet on the cheap. And cheap it’s certainly a healthy purchase if silence and aesthetics is your thing.

 The Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2  gets the Xtreme Tech Junkie’s Great award!


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