Steiger Dynamics upgrades to Haswell Generation and is the World’s first System Integrator Offering CPU Delidding

Posted on Jun 7 2013 - 5:00pm by Christopher Allega

STEIGER DYNAMICS, award-winning manufacturer of custom Gaming Home Theater PCs, announced today that it will offer the latest generation of Haswell processors and motherboards on their LEET™ HTPCs.


Top-of-the-line 4th generation Haswell Core™ i5 and i7 processors will be available on the Pure and Core LEET™ lines. Accordingly, STEIGER DYNAMICS is updating its line of enthusiast grade ASUS motherboards with ASUS’ new Haswell Z87 as well as ASUS’ Republic of Gamers Maximus VI motherboards. This newest generation of Intel Core™ processors optimizes the user experience by providing significant upgrades in graphics capabilities and improvements in computing performance and power consumption. This successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture is a welcome addition to the latest evolution of processors, helping drive new opportunities for connected, managed, and secure intelligent systems, making this new technology platform ideal for the design of high-performance, low-power consuming Home Theater PCs.


Intel Core 4th Generation Processors from STEIGER DYNAMICS Feature:

  • Enhanced Performance – Increased performance up to 15% from the previous generation, allowing 2x faster application load times and improved productivity.


  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics – Better 3-D performance provides a more immersive gaming experience on STEIGER DYNAMICS LEET™ Pure systems by utilizing the integrated graphics. Haswell chipset processors are 4K Ultra HD ready, and can support up to three displays with built-in DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI and DVI support.


  • Improved Power Efficiency – Improved low power CPU efficiency over the previous generation of processors decreases the total used power, allowing for a 20x reduction in idle power draw.


  • Professional STEIGER DYNAMICS Overclocking – Maximize processing potential and price-performance ratioby allowing STEIGER DYNAMICS to professionally overclock your supported CPU to a Moderate, High or Extreme level. STEIGER DYNAMICS is the world’s first system integrator to offer Extreme Overclocking by removing the CPU heatsinkand replacing the stock thermal compound with Liquid Metal.This measure brings down CPU core temperatures by up to 20° C, consequently allowing for increased core voltages, maximizing overclocking results.


“We are very excited to be offering the latest 4th generation processors inside our Pure and Core LEET™ systems” said Martin Gossner, CTO and co-founder of STEIGER DYNAMICS. “The increased performance and exceptional 4K Ultra HD video playback on Intel’s 4th generation Haswell processors is perfectly suited for Gaming Home Theater PC’s, and provides and exceptionally immersive environment for the gaming and multi-media enthusiast.”


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