New Intel Processors Support Onboard Graphics

Posted on Dec 27 2009 - 4:33pm by Christopher Allega

The i7 new processors Intel plans to introduce will extend theNehalem microarchitecture through the desktop and laptop PC lines, with the Core i3 CPUs the new entry-level family, and Core i5 christened as the midrange. Core i7 will remain the high-end CPU option.

The Core i5 CPUs will support Turbo Boost, which allows for dynamically overclocking the CPU’s clock speed if there’s the proper headroom to do so, and Hyper-Threading, the ability to run more than one thread per core, for increased performance.

Also of particular note is that the Core i3 and Core i5 processors will contain Intel HD Graphics—the first time Intel has included integrated graphics on the processor instead of in a separate chip. (Core i7 CPUs, intended more for gamers and enthusiasts who will need or want discrete graphics, will not include integrated video.) The new graphics capabilities can decode two HD streams in hardware.