Intel quietly releases seven new Sandy Bridge CPUs

Posted on Jan 30 2012 - 3:30pm by Christopher Allega

Intel has just released a bunch of new processors to market; three desktop Core i5 chips the i5-2550K replacing the i5-2500K, the i5-2450P replacing the i5-2400 and the i5-2380P replacing the i5-2320. There’s a suspicion that the P that follows the two latter models means the GPUs have been disabled / removed to differentiate the price. The four Celerons, two low-voltage, two ultra-low voltage similarly replace older models, from the $70 B720 (replacing the B710) through to the $134 Celeron 867, supplanting the 857.


Core / Thread Freq. L3 Cache Price
Core i5-2550K 4/4 3.4GHz 6MB $225
Core i5-2450P 4/4 3.2GHz 6MB $195
Core i5-2380P 4/4 3.1GHz 6MB $177
Celeron B815 2/2 1.6GHz 2MB $86
Celeron B720 1/1 1.7GHz 1MB $70
Celeron 867 2/2 1.3GHz 2MB $134
Celeron 797 1/1 1.4GHz 1MB $107