EverCool Buffalo Heat pipe CPU Cooler

Posted on Feb 23 2010 - 9:56pm by Christopher Allega

The Buffalo is one of the many heat sinks on the market that utilize ‘heat pipes’ to transfer heat from the base to the cooling fins. Heat pipes have revolutionized the high-performance cooler market since they are able to transfer much more heat than a more conventional heat sink made from copper or aluminium that you would be accustomed to not so long ago. Because of this heat pipe coolers have become pretty much the norm for cooling any high-end components, and there are a lot of coolers by various brands on the market now.

Provided By: EverCool

Price: $15.99

Closer Look:


The box has the standard technical specs on the front and back of the packaging.


The cooler uses a heatpipe system to disapate heat to create it’s cooling solution. There are 2 cooper heatpipes shaped to form a U – so the cpu block sits on the base of the U heatpipes. To aid in the cooling the heatpipes go up through 60 aluminium fins which are cooled by a 100mm fan which is suspended to the site of the cooler. The fan is held to the cooler via a simple wire bracket, and controlled via 3 pin connector.


I love the way the product logo is printed on the top fin of the cooler – nice touch! The ends of the heat pipes have also been covered to improve the looks of this cooler.


Features & Specifications:

HPFI7-10025:For intel core i7(NEW UP DATE)
HPFI-10025: for INTEL LGA775
HPFA-10025: for AMD
Compatible for all kinds of high-end CPU version.
Dual Ø6 heat pipe cooler with highthermal conductive technology and special welding techniques enable seamless connections between finsand pipes.
By using 10cm fan with more strong air flow and quiet.
Easy to install for all users.
Bullfight design to make it unique and characteristic

Manufacturer: Evercool
Model No.: HPFA-10025 Buffalo
Materials: Aluminum fins, Copper heatpipes, aluminum and copper base
Fan Mfg: Evercool EC10025L12EA-N
Fan Spec: 1800PM (est.), 12V, 0.18A
Fan Dim: 25x100x100mm
Heatsink & Fan Dim: 128x110x71mm
Weight: 500 grams
Includes: AMD mounting clip
Compatible with Sockets: 754/939/940/AM2



My System:

CPU: AMD Phenom 8450@ 2.1 GHz

CPU Cooler: EverCool Buffalo CPU Cooler

Motherboard: ASUS M2N-MX SE PLUS

Memory: G.SKILL 4GB 1066 MHz

VGA: PowerColor Radeon HD 5670 PCS+ Video Card

Case: CoolerMaster HAF 922


The testing will consist of idle and load temperature tests. All of the testing will be done in a 22 Degrees Celsius regulated room for consistency in temperatures. To place stress on the CPU, I used Prime95 to place 100% load on all cores for an hour. That was of course after letting everything idle for 30 minutes to get the idle temperature.



The Evercool Buffalo is not a high performance cooler but a great alterative to a stock cooler. It is also not a silent cooler and the fact it always works at maximum speed makes it a bad option for someone who needs a silent computer unless you connect it to a fan controller. Finally, the cooler is only compatible with either Intel or AMD CPU’s. Evercool only include mounting brackets for one brand of CPU so keep that in mind.


This leads me to conclude that the  Evercool Buffalo For just $15 is a great bargain!