DEOS Apple Headphone Covers

Posted on Dec 10 2009 - 6:59pm by Christopher Allega

Did you ever wish that Apple made different color headphones, Now the wait is over with Deos.

The DEOS (Defining Expression of Sound) earphone covers promise to give your overused and much-abused earphones a second life once you clamped them in, your earphones look brand new and if your earphones are brand new you could use them to protect them and make them your own. They come in a few different styles Silicone,Aluminum and Aluminum with Crystal Accents, the Crystal’s are Swarovski elements and they are placed in with hard putty not¬†glued in.


I really like them they don’t feel cheaply made like some other earphone covers and there also a big hit with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ryan Cabrera, Ice T, Donald Trump Jr. and also Twilight co-stars Rachelle LeFevre and Taylor Lautner. Pick a pair up at Target.


This is a chat to customize your crystal accents to a birthstone.