Best Gadgets of 2014

Posted on Dec 10 2014 - 2:05pm by Christopher Allega


Despite our age being a hotbed of technological development, 2014 has risen far higher compared to previous years when one takes into account innovation, performance and style. This year has not only seen an explosion in the number and variety of gadgets, smartphones, tablets and PCs, but has also seen growth in wearable technologies, amazingly useful apps and other, net-based services such as cloud computing. With so many new gizmos released this year however, we thought best to pick out the real winners from this year- make sure to look out for them in the January sales!


HTC One M8


This smartphone is the best on the market at the moment, period. With a fast Snapdragon 801 processor, excellent battery life, crystal-clear camera and ridiculously good speakers, for those that don’t want to restrict themselves with Apple’s gear, the M8 rules supreme


You can do anything you could do on a tablet on the M8. Playing games is a dream, there being no lag to speak of, and running apps and browsers and everything else is magnificently smooth and easy-going. For those that love to have a little fun on bettingsports, imagine being able to study up on last weeks sharp report but only having to wait a tiny amount of time to get that handicap-informing info?! It’s crazy how useful this little gadget is!


Microsoft Surface Pro 3


As tablets go, the usual winners are Apple. After all, their products rarely bug-out, are powerful and are brimming with features, looking past the inflated price. The Surface is more than a more tablet though, and is finally a product that could end the dominance of the laptop.


With a beefy Intel Haswell chip kicking out more power than any other tablet (with double the battery life) and indeed, many desktop PCs, an Intel 4400 HD GPU, and 8GB of RAM, this computer is a very capable machine, ready for any task you throw at it.


The issues with the keyboard that blighted the Surfaces 1 and 2 have gone- no wobbliness- and the gadget is now a sturdy, useful, entertaining piece of kit that has so many applications out in the real world.


If you’ve been waiting on the sidelines with your old laptop for a while, waiting for a tablet that can type, now is the time to join the future!


Pebble Steel 2nd Gen


Wearable gadgetry has been a big thing this year, with Apple and Motorola receiving the most press for their current and upcoming releases. The best this year though was the Pebble Steel; it looks good, it works very well and best of all, the battery lasts for an absolute age compared to competitors (charging wearable tech can easily Borg-ify one’s appearance, we’ve found).


With a 1.26 inch e-paper display (168 x 144 resolution), and ARM Cortex-M4 CPU and 5-atmosphere surviving waterproof design, this is a seriously cool product that, again, might entice a fair few fence-sitters into the ring.