Apple pitching $30 a month TV service for iTunes to the networks?

Posted on Nov 2 2009 - 1:54pm by Christopher Allega

According to Peter Kafka over at AllThingsD, he’s had “multiple sources” tell him that Apple is shopping around a subscription service to TV networks that would give iTunes users a catch-all subscription for $30 a month. As far as he’s heard, nobody’s jumped on board just yet, and of course networks have to work out their typical fears of such a service cutting into ratings and biting into cable revenue. However, at least one unnamed executive briefed on the plan says “I think they might get it right this time,” and with Disney’s cozy relationship with Apple there’s reason believe they’d be the first to sign up. Unfortunately, for people scrounging for a new evidence of an Apple tablet or something useful for their oft-dormant Apple TV to do, there’s no word on what role devices have to play in this deal, but we have to believe that Apple would be working to push the content to the rest of its iTunes-based ecosystem, whatever that might encompass if and when the service launches early next year as Apple has proposed.


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    That would be cool if Apple could pull this off.

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