An Early Look At The Order: 1886

Posted on Sep 6 2013 - 8:31pm by Christopher Allega

Hardcore gamers have been thirsty for something new and exciting for some time now, and the industry has done little to quench this thirst. Of course, there are plenty of different branches of the gaming industry, but for the most part news and gaming releases across the board have been fairly bland as of late. Here’s a quick summary of the last few years in gaming headlines:

We’ve seen about infinity sequels to games that are losing their appeal – CoD,Battlefield, all the sports franchises, Assassin’s Creed, etc., etc. The games are still entertaining, but not much new has been added lately. We’ve all grown obsessed with apps. Casual arcades, games with friends, puzzles, and even old classic boardgames from the likes of Hasbro are all over our mobile devices. We’ve seen an explosive growth in real money gaming online. For example, Betfair now caters to a massive slew of online gamblers playing a variety of engaging casino games for real money transactions. Really, that’s about it.

In short, there have been innovations, but nothing to thrill the hardcore gamer who waits patiently for the next major console experience. Thankfully, the PS4 and Xbox One are just around the corner, and with the PS4 will come one of the most promising new titles in years: “The Order: 1886,” which is likely to be released early in 2014. Set, naturally, in 1886 in Victorian London, “The Order” comes to us from developers Sony Santa Monica and Ready At Dawn, and looks like an incredibly exciting 3rd person shooter/adventure experience. In something of an “Assassin’s Creed” style narrative, players will control members of an ancient order of “knights” protecting humanity from an old, terrifying, and inhuman foe (or set of foes). Using the early gunpowder and advancing technologies of the industrial revolution, players will have the 19th century’s best weapons in their ongoing battle to defend mankind. Along the way, prominent historical figures will come and go in the story and setting (with some rumors of a cameo by Queen Victoria herself circulating), ultimately creating what looks to be a satisfying blend of fiction and historical context. Of course, this style of game isn’t for everybody. But if you, like so many other gamers, have been yearning for something bold and new, this is one next-gen console game that looks simply stunning (and that isn’t just a sequel!). We can’t wait to play “The Order: 1886.”